Guided Cenote & Cave Dives

A guided dive in the Ixtlan cave


If you are a certified diver we will be happy to show you what the Riviera Maya has to offer. From reef dives to cenote cavern diving to guided cave dives for the most qualified – we know places no one else has access to. You can rely on competitive prices and exceptional service – and friendship.


Before a guided DPV stage cave dive


For guided cave dives we can take you to tens of sites, including caves off the beaten track and newly explored sites way inside the jungle. During our guided dives, as always, we will not hesitate to share knowledge in any form necessary. Our clients often say that they have learned more from just diving with us than on some of their certification courses. Come and let us show you the place the way no one else does 🙂


Please write us for details – we will be happy to make a quote, and a custom program just for you!